Oh man where to start!

Well I’m going to give WordPress a go this time, I have been writing for a Gaming Mom website ( and they have a FB page you can check out!) and have really gotten used to this platform, so I am going to move stuff here and see if maybe, just maybe I can keep up some sort of blog this time haha

It’s been a while now since I’ve written anything and that’s because life just somehow got insane!

We decided this year to homeschool the girls. Yes you read that right lol I am the LAST person on the planet I ever thought would take up that banner! I was the first one hatin on the weekends and summer vacation haha I would have preferred that school go year round in fact!  Then it happened, I got called to keep them home, and for those who know what it’s like to be called to do something, you just can’t say no.  You can try, you can put it off or make excuses but when it is put on you to do something the end result, usually, is you doing it lol  So here we are!

It’s been fun, and interesting, and we’re all learning new things. Some days I think they are ganging up on me in an attempt at a hostile take over, but most days are just plain awesome!  There are sides to my kids I’ve never been able to fully enjoy until they were here all day, there are places I never knew they struggled until they were home all day.  These little people really are fabulous, ingenious, creative, funny, loud, and they have us in hysterics frequently!

Tclassroom-deskshis year was such an unexpected experience that our curriculum, although thorough, is more of a patchwork dump than anything else.  They certainly learned a great deal, I can see their progress quite a bit, even more so in the social realm.  The girls are closer than they have ever been.  I would however like for next year to be a little more organized in the actual doing of school work.  I am going to grab the Apologia Ultimate Homeschool Planner I think for next year, and there is a homeschool conference coming up in Peterborough at the end of this month.  I can’t wait to head up there with my partner in crime Melissa and check out all the stuff! They will have a few lectures, but it’s the vendor hall I’m really going to see, I want to pick the stuff up and look at it, flip through the pages, get myself going on making things feel more real next year!

Now I suppose I should head off and start making some dinner and ensure that everyone is getting along lol Already I can feel words showing up that would keep me here for half of forever, so I had better break it up to keep things going! Otherwise I’ll be out of stuff to say in just one post!


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