Bullet Proof Coffee?!?!?

I have been hearing about bullet proof coffee for a while now, and frankly the idea of dropping butter in my coffee terrified me! I just flat out wasn’t brave enough to experiment with something as important as my morning coffee lol  I had resigned myself to just not trying it.  I was so misinformed!!!

Last night I stumbled upon a recipe on pinterest for bullet proof coffee that had an amazing looking cup of coffee as the photo, and it immediately made me curious. I checked it out and the recipe is 1 TBSP of coconut oil, 1 TBSP of butter, 2 TBSP cream and 1 TSP vanilla.  That is not just dumping butter into your morning coffee!!! That actually sounded sort of good even!20150811_080856

This morning I woke up ready to give this a go.  I got all my ingredients into my cup, poured the coffee.  The recipe says to blend it in the blender, but since I got an immersion blender last year for Christmas I thought I’d use that, I don’t usually have much of an occasion to use that blender lol  Surprisingly I only made a marginal mess of the counter haha I had visions of cleaning up coffee from the far corners of the kitchen at 8am lol20150811_081102

The results are completely fantastic! I can’t believe I ever didn’t want to do this! It’s frothy and totally worthy of those store bought creamers that I put in my coffee a long time ago! I will for sure be making this again!


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